Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bloody Calculus

     If there is one thing that I would pick if i had to choose something that I do not like about my major, it is that you are required to take 2 quarters of calculus. Now some people may think this is no big deal, but over the last two quarters I have come to realize that I really suck at calculus. And those teaching to subject do not cater well to those that do not get what is going on or need interaction (aka board work) to understand what is being taught. It is simply lecture, lecture, lecture, and then an exam every two weeks. A teacher is supposed to teach, not simply read off of a text book and assign homework problems. I could easily do that myself! I will cry with joy the day that I am granted a competent college math professor. Until then, I guess that I shall power through as best I can.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Area of Refuge

        So Me and a friend were wandering around campus after class, avoiding the rain by moving from building to building. When we began to explore the basement of the communications building(Building dedicated to Com and CS classes) When we came across a flight of stairs and found this little gem in the bottom.

     Whats this? a mysterious door! upon closer inspection we discovered that next to the door was a panel containing a big red button and a sign reading AREA OF REFUGE in big red letters. One can only assume that this is where you run when you are being pursued by rapists and murderers(or murdering rapists).

First Blog Post

       As this is the first post in this blog let me tell you a bit what its about.  I am a Freshman at Western Washington University. I am currently in my second quarter and intend to major in computer science. This blog will pretty much be a daily summary of my college life and the random (or not very random) things that happen during it. Rants about lectures, teachers (who will remain nameless), and classes will go here, as well as random activities that I partake in. I hope that this blog will give some insight into college life and be interesting at the same time.