Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bloody Calculus

     If there is one thing that I would pick if i had to choose something that I do not like about my major, it is that you are required to take 2 quarters of calculus. Now some people may think this is no big deal, but over the last two quarters I have come to realize that I really suck at calculus. And those teaching to subject do not cater well to those that do not get what is going on or need interaction (aka board work) to understand what is being taught. It is simply lecture, lecture, lecture, and then an exam every two weeks. A teacher is supposed to teach, not simply read off of a text book and assign homework problems. I could easily do that myself! I will cry with joy the day that I am granted a competent college math professor. Until then, I guess that I shall power through as best I can.


  1. Oh man, I hate math! I got my A in high school and I'll never deal with it again!


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  2. Can't wait to have mathematics again in my chemistry degree ... ho yeah ...

  3. good question, nice post

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  4. I've always liked math and never really struggled with much, but good math teachers really are hard to come by.
    I had one or two good teachers, but I took countless math classes.

  5. Calc is easy! followed!

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